1953 RAMCO Moog Flushing Design first Moog Theremin.
1954 R.A.Moog Co. Moog Flushing Produce vacuum tube Theremins and Theremin kits. Article: "The Theremin" in "Radio & Television News".

1961 R.A.Moog Co. Moog Ithaca Produce transistorized Theremins and Theremin kits. Article: "A Transistorized Theremin" in January "Electronics World".
1963 Trumansburg Move to Trumansburg, NY. Meet Herb Deutsch and plan subsequent meetings.
1964 Invite Deutsch to work together in Trumansburg. Collaborate with Deutsch on development of synthesizer. Produce first synthesizer. Article: "Voltage Controlled Electronic Music Modules" for AES.
1965 Produce synthesizer modules and customized modular systems. Composers gather for summer workshop and concert at the factory.
1967 Begin quarterly publication of "Electronic Music Review". Establish Modular System models 1, 2, 3. Produce Demo Record: "Moog 900 Series Electronic Music Systems".

1968 R.A.Moog Inc. Moog Trumansburg Re-define Modular System models 1, 2, 3. Carlos' "Switched on Bach" released.
1969 Modular system sales peak. Begin development of performance synthesizer (Minimoog). Deutsch concert: "Jazz in the Garden".
1970 Produce Minimoog A,B,C prototypes. Release Minimoog model "D". VanKoevering establishes market.

1971 Moog Musonics Waytena Williamsville Sale of company, move to Williamsville in November. Last Minimoog shipped from Trumansburg serial number 1210.

1972 Moog Music Inc. Waytena Williamsville Release Sonic 6, Satellite, Modular system "12", "921" Oscillators. VanKoevering joins company as VP Marketing.
1973 Dave Luce joins company and begins development of polyphonic synthesizer.
1974 Release Micromoog.

1975 Moog Music
Div of Norlin
Norlin Williamsville Sale of company. Minimoog production stops at s/n 6920. Release Taurus and Polymoog.
1976 Cheektowaga Move to Cheektowaga, Walden Ave.
1977 Bob Moog leaves the company. Re-start Minimoog production.
1978 Release Multimoog, Polymoog Keyboard, Vocoder.
Release Liberation, Opus 3, Prodigy, Rogue, Taurus II. Produce Gibson, SG, Cordovox, Maestro lines. Design and produce Lab Series amplifiers.
1981 Begin Contract (non-music) Manufacturing. Last Minimoog produced January, s/n 13180. Release The Source and Memorymoog.

1983 Moog Electronics Luce &
Cheektowaga Sale of company to management. Emphasis on Contract Manufacturing. Attempt to enter into telecommunications market with a microprocessor-controlled "feature telephone", initially named "Telesys 3", later "The Operator". Design and manufacture "Song Producer". Develop "SL8" and build prototype. Maintain repair operations for Moog products. Produce the "SSK Concertmate" synthesizer for Tandy Corp (Radio Shack).

1987 Moog Music
Div of EJE
EJE Cheektowaga Sale of company. Move to French Road, Cheektowaga, NY. Primary focus contract manufacturing, no proprietary products. Continue service of Moog Music products.

1991 Moog Music Mfg
Div of ETG
ETG Jamestown EJE owners form public company:ETG. Moog service work transferred to facility in Jamestown, NY.
1993 Sale of company. Moog Music ceases operation. Company assets warehoused, later sold at auction.
2002 Moog Music
Moog Asheville,NC Robert Moog obtains rights to the Moog Music name. Producing Theremins in Asheville, NC, he changes his company name from "Big Briar" to "Moog Music" and continues to design and manufacture electronic music instrumentation.

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